my first Cucumber test

i whant to test that i have a homepage and that it says Welcome on it.

i am using Cucumber to make this happen


Feature: Public pages
  Scenario Outline: Visit public pages
    When I go to <Page>
    Then i should see "<Page Title>"
    Examples: List of pages and there titles
      > Page | Page Title |
      > Home Page | Welcome |
      > About Page | About |
      > Contact Page | Contact |

When /^I go to Home Page$/ do
  visit root
  #pending # express the regexp above with the code you wish you had

Then /^i should see "(.*?)"$/ do |text|
  page.should have_content(text)

i have the text on the hope page but it still shows up as a error

I’d suggest you post the error itself. From what I can see it could be that you need to edit the step definition from “visit root” to “visit root_path”.