i am wondering about the MVC pattern, I havent worked with that for a
long time and before I break it I would like to ask your advice...

if I have a birthday calender visible in nearly every view where would
I put the controller? I was thinking about putting the method it into
application controller.. but how do you call that from the view?


could you explain the birthday calendar method a little better?


so the solution is, just for everyone else facing the same proplems,
(at least I hope):

Write a helper method

def birthday_helper (number_of_resutls)
    costumers_with_upcoming_birhtday = Costumer.find_near_birthday
    costumers_with_upcoming_birhtday= costumers_with_upcoming_birhtday

and then call it from the view

<% birthday_helper(10).each do |costumer| %>
<td><%=link_to costumer.last_name, costumer %></td>
<td><%=link_to costumer.birthday, costumer %></td>
<br />
<% end %>

Thanks for the help!

You might take note that there are a lot of misspellings of "birthday" (birhtday), so this code won't run, but you've probably already noticed that.

Also, why not make use of a named scope with a parameter instead of a helper? Such as:

class Customer
   named_scope :upcoming_birthdays, lambda { |number_of_results|
  :conditions => { ['your conditions for nearing birthdays'] },
  :limit => number_of_results

Then in any controller, view or runner you could do Customer.upcoming_birthdays(10)



I did end up making a named scope. This feature is really nice!

Thanks guys, really helped me a lot!