Multiple record update and validation

I have a form which is used to update multiple records (of the same model) at one time, which it successfully does, but when I try to add vaildation to the form, it seems to be ignored.

Code from the update method of my controller:

def update   SurvCamera.transaction do     SurvCamera.update(params[:surv_camera].keys,                       params[:surv_camera].values )   end   flash[:notice] = "Cameras successfully updated."   redirect_to :action => 'show', :id => params[:id]

  rescue ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid     render :action => 'edit' end

In the model, I have the following to validate that "location" field is not empty:

validates_presence_of :location

Like I mentioned...the updates work fine, however when I try to edit records and leave location empty, it still attempts to save the record w/out first running validation. Any suggestions?

What do you mean by 'attempts to save w/out first running validations'? Do you mean you get an exception, or do you mean it saves with invalid data, or do you mean it does not save the invalid record but does not tell you that it has failed, or do you mean something else?


Colin Law wrote in post #968879:

Do your unit tests pass ok, in particular the one that checks that a record cannot be saved with that field empty?

Which version of Rails are you using?