Multiple forms to create multiple records for multiple users

I have come across a scenario where I need to save multiple records for
multiple users on the same page.

User has_many :shifts
Shift belongs_to :user

I need to show multiple shifts for each user on the same page and the
administrator will just enter some values and click save.

user1: <shift1_value> - <shift2_value> - <shift3_value>
user2: <shift1_value> - <shift2_value> - <shift3_value>
user3: <shift1_value> - <shift2_value> - <shift3_value>

What's the best way to tackle this problem in rails?

This all depends on how you setup the form in your views. I suggest you
create a spectific action, outside of the 7 crud actions, to handle the data
that you get when you do this.

As for the form, I think the names of the elements should be

shifts[][user_id] for the user_id
shifts[][shifts][] for the 3 shift values

you'll receive a hash that looks like

shifts: [{ user_id: 1, shifts: [1,2,3] }, { user_id: 2, shifts: [1,2,3] }]

on the controller. good luck!