Multiple dependencies on Deletions

I'm having an interesting issue in terms of dependencies.

I have a truck record, which has_one employee. Then I have a master record, which has_many truck records. The problem is this:

If there exists a master record, with a truck record, with an employee, and the employee is then deleted, the truck record will be deleted. However, the deletion doesn't cascade to the master record, so it becomes invalid. If the master record is then selected to be deleted, an error is returned saying that the truck record could not be found for deletion.

Currently I have them set up with the :dependent => :destroy

the deletion doesn't cascade to the master record

That makes sense, because it would mean that if one truck record is deleted, then the rest of that masters truck records would also be deleted as well. Are you trying do delete the master record if it only has one truck record? If that's the case then I belive you to handle it manually.