Multi-character dropdown

Works with firefox, not with IE (others?) If you want a real combo box, and not a simple html dropdown, try the auto complete helpers. The drop down will be generated by your server (via an xhr), you'll be free to do whatever you want with the string entered. Yet I don't know any simple way to get an ID back from the selected entry if the selected string is not itself a key in the database. I used to hack my way out by passing an "[id]" in the string and parsing it, but that is fugly :confused: May or may not be a good choice, then.

Firefox win32 does it, for sure. But a lot of people are not accustomed to it and won't use it, since IE doesn't support it. It's very handy with country selection drop-down, esp. in China (I hate Chili! :O)

It works on any combo-box, and it's a default setting that have been there for ages... I don't understand why you would be "*REALLY* interested" in that since you don't have any way to change this behavior on other browsers (As far as I know).