Monit apache2 and fastcgi

I've installed monit to stop my server hanging (don't know why, it's
an dual-core processor and 2gb memory, wich should be plenty for our

I should like to also monitor the fastcgi processes, but I can't find
any pidfile. How can I monitor that?

- Henrik

fcgi could well be your problem here if you’re using Apache, it gave me nothing but stale processes. I then moved to Lighttpd + FCGI for a while and now our servers use Apache 2.0 + Pound + Mongrel cluster or Apache 2.2 + Mongrel cluster and it’s never been more stable than this (although memory use is a bit higher, but with 2 GB of memory this clearly isn’t an issue).

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

If you're using spawn-fcgi, look at the "-P" flag mentioned in this

Wes Ratcliff