mongrel - rubygems as local user


I'm attempting to resolve an issue with the following:

ruby gems (namely mongrel and mongrel_cluster) installed in a user directory - not /usr/local/lib/ruby.

I also want the mongrel_cluster to boot on system start, as described in <>

This is on Debian testing distro. Additionally, if I don't have Debian package libgems-ruby1.8 installed I get errors when trying to use gem.

The error in then, when I reboot I get an error from /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems.rb that RubyGem mongrel_cluster could not be found.

Clearly mongrel_cluster_ctl is trying to use the Debian rubygems and not the user directory. Although I've modifed both the user and root .bashrc file to export PATH and GEM_HOME to the user directory gems.

I've posted a similar type question on the ruby list, being that it seemed to be a ruby problem. But maybe a mongrel expert has dealt with this situation?


Andy Koch