mongrel_proctitle in production environment... good idea?

Hi all,

[apologies for the crossposting: I originally tried to post this message to the mongrel mailing list where it belongs, but it is stuck in “moderator approval”]

I am considering using mongrel_proctitle to get better visibility into what each of the mongrels in our mongrel_cluster is doing:

So far, I’ve tested it in a development and an integration environment, and it’s working like a charm, and is indeed extremely useful.

But, before I roll it out to our (Linux-based) production environment, I thought it’d be a good idea to see if anyone has any experience with it (good or bad), especially considering that mongrel_proctitle does what it does so well by synchronizing on a mutex, which I guess could be somewhat of an issue with Rails?!?

Many thanks in advance,


PS - some version info…

pvdb@localhost ~ $ mongrel_rails --version Mongrel Web Server 1.1.5

pvdb@localhost ~ $ gem list rails

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

rails (2.2.2)