Mongoid error

i need to create a document to see my app running

this code (products/index) generates the error:

<%= link_to Category.find(product.category_id).name, category_path(product.category_id) %>

folow the code:

You have told us it generates an error, but not what the error is.
Please copy/paste the full text of the error here (from the server

By the way, it would be better to use product.category rather than


i think is not a question of error but a question of what should i do to get the right way. i am tottaly newbie. all that i know is when i clone my app in other computer
i get this message. i’d like to know if i can avoid this message. in the image the red text tells me what to do but where i can edit i have no idea.

i don’t know to to se the Mongoid.raise_not_found_error config option to false

this is my app running in my personal computer. the category is a link. when i click on it the app takes me to another paage showing all the products related with this categories.

when i use just product.category it just show this:

I suggest that you start by working right through a good tutorial such
as (which is free to use online). That will show
you the basics of rails so you should then be able to get going with
the cloned app.

There is no way that we can lead you one tiny step at a time to get it going.


ok thanks.
i think i solved my problem using: