moderate use of dynamic feature

i was wondering why the following line of codes were written -
i found it from action_controller/test_process.rb file.

def self.included(base)
      # execute the request simulating a specific http method and set/
volley the response
      %w( get post put delete head ).each do |method|
        base.class_eval <<-EOV, __FILE__, __LINE__
          def #{method}(action, parameters = nil, session = nil, flash
= nil)
            @request.env['REQUEST_METHOD'] = "#{method.upcase}" if
            process(action, parameters, session, flash)

i believe, this was trying to make this code more DRY'ed, but this
think might be confusion for other sufferer.
because this "get, post, put, delete, head" methods are not reflected
during RDoc compilation.

unless we get some solution like "monitor loaded class behavior and
render documentation based upon their meta information" for example