Models for external REST services

Hello, I'm new to rails so as an exercise I'm porting (php to rails) a very simple landing page that talks with a third party REST service where I just need to do a couple of calls to register a user and show the status of the whole process. I felt this would be dead simple to do in Rails (I'm still learning) but I'm having a hard time getting it working.

My idea was just to have one controller with a couple of actions one for each REST call an update my view with RJS. It has been kind of frustating since this was so simple to do in php and I honestly expected the port to rails to be much simpler, even for someone learning the framework.

Thanks for your time, I inlcude the code of what I have so far, any help/links are appreciated

This is what my sign_in partial looks like:

#- view/home/_sign_in.rhtml    <% remote_form_for :sign_in_form, :url => "home/do_sign_in", :html => { :id => 'sign_in_form' } do |f| %>     <br>     <br>     <%= f.text_field :mobile_field1%> # by the way, I get an error if I try to pass options to the textfield     <%= f.text_field :mobile_field2%> # error says the method just recieves 2 arguments     <%= f.text_field :mobile_field3%>

    <%= select_tag("sign_selection",options_for_select(@signs) ) %>     <%= image_submit_tag("/images/ subscribe_now_btn.gif", :border=>0)%>   <%end%> # end snippet