modalbox rails var interpolation

Howdy everyone.

I am using modalbox which is very nice an easy to use. I have this for an edit for a company listing:

<td><%= link_to('Manage Companies', {}, :onclick => '\'/ companies/edit/#{}\', {width: 600}); return false;') %></td>

The link is not putting the in it puts #{}. how do I get this to interpolate the rails variable properly?

This is because single quoted strings are not interpolated. You need
to use doubles or any of the other string quoting methods.

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Ok, why does this work?

<%= button_to_function "Add Site", remote_function( :url => { :controller => 'addsites', :action => "addsitetomop", :id=> @mop}, :with => "'site[comp_#{}]=' + $('site_comp_# {}').value + '&site[customer_#{}]=' + $ ('site_customer_#{}').value ")%>