Missing template projects/index, application/index ?

Getting this issue…even though I have my views there in both the projects and application. Also getting a routes issue "No route matches [GET] “/projects” when going to projects when I have root :to => “projects#index” defined in my routes file.

Any idea?


Man…still can’t figure this out…

Please show us your complete routes.rb without comments and the output of “ls app/views/projects”, the contents of your ProjectsController could help as well.

Are you sure that there is an HTML view as well in this directory “Users/bradwrage/webapps/ticketee/app/views”?

here is what is in my routes

Ticketee::Application.routes.draw do

root :to => “projects#index”


As for the html view… i assumed my index.html.rb was just fine?

Please double check the name. It should be index.html.erb not index.html.rb as you said.