MIgration Problem in 2.1.2

I suspect this is because it is a 1.x application which was upgraded,
but my migrations don't "stick." If I
Coder-iMac:patton colin$ rake db:migrate
(in /Users/colin/Desktop/patton)
== 20090217193953 AddLastYearToTarget: migrating

I fixed it. I don't like poking around in MySQL. It's like putting my
hands in the wood chipper.

I did
   mysqldump -u user --database development_database > backup.sql
then I dropped the whole database and recreated it's name.

I did
   rake db:schema:load
to recreate all of the tables. I saw some cool command go by saying
"assume_migration(20090309)" or something like that. So I have a
feeling that real Rails weenie would be able to do this with the One
Correct Command.

I tried
  rake db:migrate
but it choked on the three new migrations, those which were named with
the date-time stamp. So I went into those and commented out everything
in self.up. I retried
   rake db:migrate
and it happily pulled them in. I held my breath and did
   rake db:migrate
again and it was quiet. Phew. So they had "stuck."

I exported the schema_migrations table to migration.sql, uploaded that
to my production server. I went into mysql and did
   drop table schema_migrations
then went out to the prompt and did
   mysql -u user --database production_database < migration.sql
and it read it in. I did
   rake db:migrate
and it seemed to stick.

I'm sure other people have run into this (or will) and there's
probably a bunch of scripts out there which do what I did, but
automagically. I wish there were just a
   rake db:fix_migrations