Migrating rails app created on ruby 1.9 to work on 1.8.7

I have a rails app created on rails 3.1.x and ruby 1.9.2, but server
where it should be deployed runs ruby-1.8 :confused:
Ruby-1.9 implements new style of hash assigment that Rails 3 utilize
in some places - and thats the problem, bcos Ruby 1.8 does not support

Now, what to do? My server admin won't upgrade to ruby 1.9 until its
in Fedora stable repository...

For a new app, there is an option

[–old-style-hash] # Force using old style hash (:foo => ‘bar’) on Ruby >= 1.9

which can be seen with

$ rails new --help



Yes, but its kinda too late for that :))

I don't know what that does, but since it does not change any of your
code, or change rails itself I guess it must be something in the
environment files or the scripts. It might be worth building new
empty apps, with and without the flag, and see what the difference is.
Unless someone knows the difference, or can work it out.