method name collision between cache-money & httparty

I have a model that calls:

include HTTParty

but also gets cached using cache-money. It seems that they both add a "get" method to ActiveRecord, and they collide when I try to use both of them.

What's the best way to fix this? If it's a namespace of some kind, how do I set up httparty so that I have to call HTTParty::get instead of plain "get"? Is there a way to dynamically rename the method after the include defines it, in which case I could just call it "http_get" instead of just "get"?

When I manually go in and rename the method name in the httparty source, things seem OK, but I'd rather not go that route.

I'm using the ngmoco version of cache-money, which lets me specify which models get cached. When I turn off caching for that one model, things are fine. But that also lets me decide the order that the mixins happen, if that's helpful, so I can include httparty before or after I turn on caching for that model.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated!