Mephisto and rmote posting

Hi everyone, I'm running a personal blog on Mephisto 0.7.3 with great satisfaction, but I'm experiencing some difficulties on posting to it through the apis.

After some research I've read that Mephisto supports xml-rpc with both the movable type and the MetWeblog API (and a quick dig in the source code seems to confirm that) but none of the services supporting remote posting seems to work.

As by now I've checked Ecto, Flickr and Scrapblog...

In the various case I get different errors, but the "smartest" one seems to be Flickr: he recognizes my endpoint ( but replies with an "Incorrect user name or password" error message.

Obviously I've triple-checked my authentication informations, and they are correct. I've also tried to create a custom user just for remote posting with no success.

Anyone can help or knows why I can't use Mephisto's remote blogging API?

I've even tryed with FireScribe (was Performancing extension for Firefox) but without success...

Has anyone used Mephisto API with success? Because no matter how much I try, I have no success. Maybe there's an API key management? I haven't found anything about that.

Posting to a Mephisto blog from MarsEdit works, with the exception of post deletion, which is due to a Blogger/MWL API ambiguity. I just delete posts when needed from the web interface. This may have been fixed in a recent version of either ME or Mephisto -- I haven't used them lately.