memcache-client 1.2.0 Released

memcache-client version 1.2.0 has been released!

memcache-client is a pure-ruby client to Danga's memcached.


= 1.2.0

NOTE: This version will store keys in different places than previous
versions! Be prepared for some thrashing while memcached sorts itself

* Fixed multithreaded operations, bug 5994 and 5989.
   Thanks to Blaine Cook, Erik Hetzner, Elliot Smith, Dave Myron (and
   possibly others I have forgotten).
* Made memcached interoperable with other memcached libraries, bug
   4509. Thanks to anonymous.
* Added get_multi to match Perl/etc APIs


I gave this a try and it’s pretty cool, nice and easy to use :slight_smile:
I did find the inability to recover from a broken connection a little annoying though. I’ve written an auto reconnect feature here: