Master/detail report with Rails and Ireport/JasperReports

Hi all, has anyone made it already?

Rafael, I and some other sad people I've met tried to make this a reality and wasted many weeks working through the gauntlet of half truths. It is totally a bogus lie that this can be done. David

David,thanks for your answer. My situation is the following:I have a table with various 1-n relationships,and I need to show all of this in a single report,is there some way to do this?

I've created a Java class(executed through my Jruby app) that successfully generates the "parent" report,but I´m not figuring it out how to show its "childrens".

Regards, Rafael Roque

Rafael, Sure. I use Ruport which is really cool and you'll find many examples of this if you Google. I'd very much like to share information on JRuby if you'd contact me. David

This really sounds like a JasperReports question and not really anything with Rails. To do a parent/child report in JR you need to have a sub-report for the children that the render process will populate with your collection of children. If you're using iReport to build your report it's pretty straight forward.


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