Markaby escapes special chars automatically?!

Hi all

I'm evaluating Markaby, and stumbled right over the first oddity. When

td link_to('Bla', :action => 'bla')

Markaby escapes special chars automatically! So instead of

<td><a href="/music/artists/bla">Bla</a></td>

on my website, I'm getting

<td>&lt;a href="/music/artists/bla"&gt;Bla&lt;/a&gt;</td>

Is there a way to turn this behavior off? I know that I can achieve the
desired result using

td { link_to('Bla', :action => 'bla') }

but I don't really see too much advantage in this, I want to decide
myself when I want to escape stuff and when not. So I'd just like to be
able to use

td link_to('Bla', :action => 'bla')


td h(link_to('Bla', :action => 'bla'))

Thanks a lot for help :slight_smile: