make jpg thumbnails from vids in database

I think you’re looking for RMovie. :slight_smile:


I don’t recall an rmovie tutorial anywhere but you might want to keep Googling. The model’s the most logical place for it IMO. I’ve used it before but I wrote my own initialize method do, which is something most people don’t advocate from what I’ve read on the net. I’m reluctant to get more specific because of that.


I doubt a shared hosting company will have ffmpeg installed by default. However, it never hurts to ask. If you haven’t decided on your hosting yet, just include this question in your presales inquiry. If you want total control over what will be installed, go for a VPS instead.

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You’re going to most likely need to compile it on your own server. Not a terribly difficult task. I’ve done it a few times. You’ll need to look into how to compile it with flv or swf support though. I’m sure there’s something out there in Google land. Dreamhost’s wiki [ ] has excellent instructions on compiling ffmpeg from source. Even if you’re on a different host it’d probably server you well to give those docs a once over.


I’ve got a few sites up on DH and I like it. They’ve had some problems over the past year but once they got them fixed it’s been smooth sailing for me. Consensus on the mailing list is [obviously] going to vary. Most people here, from what I gather, aren’t running on shared hosting. I’m just not ready or able to pop down that kind of money for a vps or whatever. DH does what I need, is incredibly customizeable, and [in my opinion] provides really good customer service. YMMV


That being said, keep in mind that forums tend to be full of complaints when things aren’t working rather than praise because things are. There are a lot of people who are happy with DH and don’t post comments on random review sites because we’re busy working on projects or doing things in our non-job lives. :slight_smile:


Exactly. But where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire :slight_smile:

The problem with most of the big shared hosting companies is that you’re in fact rolling a dice as a customer. Your hosting can be great or it can be a true hell. I have experience with quite a few shared hosting companies and most of them really give it their best, but if things go wrong, you can be in for quite a wait and can’t fix the server yourself.

DH was good enough for my personal stuff, but it was a big mistake running our customers’ sites on it: one day performance of the sites just went down the drain, support took quite a while to answer (in the meanwhile we were taking heavy fire from our customers as you can imagine and couldn’t give them any explanation), they did “something” and things went well for… 2 hours, then the server just went down completely, for over a day. I had backups of all data from the day before (lucky me), because they had to restore an older backup. But in defence of DH, the same has happened at hostingzoom and a few other shared hosts we were hosting PHP apps on as well. Also, if you’re living in Europe, keep in mind your business hours are night time in the US (and that’s when most shared hosts do their server reboots and all the stuff I have never had to do with my VPS’s or dedicated servers).

Bottom line, if you’re doing commercial applications (i.e. you’re making money off them), either explain and advise your customer to take a VPS or get one yourself. We went from a single VPS at Rimuhosting to three dedicated servers over the last year and a half and up until now, none of our sites have gone down and we kept total control over when to upgrade the server OS and/or apps. I don’t have to live in fear every day over and over anymore :slight_smile:

On thumbnailing Flash: See the article below - specifically the section titled "Adding a Video Thumbnail". Sub in your FLV file.

On DreamHost: I have several clients I work with on DreamHost - in short, when it's going good, it's going GOOD. When it's bad... it's BAD. They have had quite a few bouts with extended downtime in the past couple of years.

In short, when it comes to web hosting, you get what you pay for.


I too admit there are shortcomings and if/when my app with the biggest potential starts outgrowing DH I’ll have to [and also be able to afford to] move to a different host but I just wanted to put out there that there are some happy customers and not just disgruntled ones. I’m mostly gruntled. Though that outage last year was particularly nasty. I’ve been lucky though since then that none of the minor problems have affected my server at all.