Mailers --Need Help

Hi all

Im pretty new to Ruby on Rails. My boss created an app and is asking me to create a worker to email us when there is a conflict of events for a DJ. It works in the terminal but Im having problems getting the event details of the conflict to display in my mailer. Im trying to test it out with mail catcher to see if Im doing it correctly but I do not know what to pass for the overlaps parameter in my test. Below is my code. Can someone help me out?

My worker says this(PLEASE LOOK AT THE CAPS)

class TalentConflictsWorker

include Sidekiq::Worker

include Sidetiq::Schedulable

sidekiq_options retry: false


Hi Nicole,

This mailing list (rubyonrails-core) is intended for discussion about development of the framework itself, not usage of it.

For support issues or usage questions like this one that are not issues with Rails itself, please post to the rubyonrails-talk mailing list ( or somewhere like StackOverflow using the ruby-on-rails tag ( You can also drop in to the #rubyonrails channel on for realtime help. You’ll be more likely to get a quick answer using one of those options.


so sorry did not realize