Mailer attach files that are posetd in a respository on the web

I have set up my application to send e-mails along with attachments,
however I would like the ability for the "browse" to search a file
sharing repository that we have posted on the web. Right now it just
searches and uploads files I have on my desktop. Has anyone had any
success attaching files that are stored on a web page?

Yes and No.

Do you mean just for you? Or for all your users?

If just for you, sure, just figure out a way to map a drive (windows)
or mount a remote file share (osx/linux) and it will be available from
the file picker.

If it's something you want all your users to see ... no. That's not
possible with the browser file input selector. You could create a
page that lists the remote location files similar to a file input,
like in a popup window or redbox, but you would have to implement that
yourself in your app.

Hope that helps.

Yes it would need to be for all my users. I didn't think it would be
possible. Thank you for your help