mailboxer attachments

I haven’t been able to get attachments working with mailboxer Has anyone had the same problem and found a simple solution

Hello Fugee, if you don't want to spend a few minutes to make your question as complete as you can in order for us to help you, you might be perceived as somebody that is not really interested to get an answer or only asking questions without spending any of his energy to solve them first, even though this is not probably the case.

Take some time to read this SO question, together with some answers to get a better idea of how we as developers should ask for help (from junior to senior).

There are many excellent developers in this group that are very helpful out of their own kindness, so we should try and not waste any of their time. The time spend (5-10 minutes) that a developer will ask for clarification could be spent on providing a solution when those clarifications are already present.


To ask my “real” question The mailboxer gem stores message tables and models in the gem in tables like message_notification_receipts So this leaves me without a model to mount the uploader with a file field of it’s own except for the user; the user’s sending the message, but so what, i need to mount the uploader on a model for the message, not the user So then the author of the gem has replied to someone’s question that he can use custom class but doesn’t explain in detail and at this stage I’m just trying to conceptualize how it’s gonna work Thanks

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