Madison Ruby Group Jan meeting 1/22/07 - Web Framework Comparisons


I'm pleased to announce the January meeting for the Madison, WI Ruby
on Rails group. Scott Fradkin will be presenting Monday, 1/22/07 on
"Web Development Framework Comparisons" - comparing a demo app in
Rails, Groovy/Grails, and J2EE with Hibernate and Spring.

Full details and directions are available below or at the schedule
page on the wiki:

*side note* we are also looking to do an informal code n' coffee in
early January - check the wiki if you can make that.

Presentation Summary:
"Web Development Framework Comparisons" compares and contrasts web
development of a simple store application using three different
frameworks and languages: Java/J2EE (using Hibernate and Spring), Ruby
on Rails, and Groovy/Grails. Programming environment setup using
Eclipse will be shown as well as live code examples of the application
running in each of the environments.

Scott Fradkin is a Software Developer at QWANtify. He has 10 years of
development experience ranging from C and C++ development to Java/J2EE
development. He has worked on many large and small projects over the
years as a developer, mentor, and designer. He is a firm believer that
agile programming practices help build better, higher quality products.
Scott is currently interested in learning about different programming
languages, speaking on various technical topics, and maintaining his
technical blog at

- rob sanheim

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