Made my first youtube video about rails and I just wanted to thank every mentor out there ❤️

I made my first Ruby On Rails video on YouTube:

Here is what I learned:

It’s INSANELY HARD to be precise, yet simple and straight to the point. It’s INSANELY HARD to present code in an entertaining way. It’s INSANELY HARD to speak fluently while coding.

I chose to become a self-taught developer in Ruby on Rails because there were enough videos with feature examples, and it made me feel like I could imagine what working in a company would look like.

Today, this post is more about my Ruby On Rails mentors online

To show them that they enabled a guy like me to showcase his passion for Ruby On Rails in public.

Thank you guys :heart:

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Hey, very well done. I appreciated how you didn’t waste the viewer’s time, and everything is clear and to the point. Haven’t needed to get into turbo frames much in my career yet, but if I do, I’ll come back to watch this slower and more thoroughly.

Absolutely true. Doing it in a live context is even harder. Stuff that you practice your whole life.

Thank you for the warm words!

To be honest, I had to record and edit twice to get there…

Is there any subject that I could video for you?