Mactag - Emacs TAGS for Rails


I just finished a Rails plugin that you Emacs users might be
interested in. The plugin makes it easy to create Emacs TAGS files for
your Rails projects.

Check it out:
Blog post:

Looks like Vim and TextMate has Ctags support aswell. Cool!

Thanks! And thanks for pointing to TAGS - i haven't been using them
and now I setup your gem and maybe I will start to use them. Anyway,
is there some way to update them on-fly ... do you have some easy tip?
It would be nice feature for version 2.0 of your plugin :wink:




I don't see any way Mactag could update it for you automatically. You
could solve it in one of the following ways:

* Create some script or whatever in your editor that updates the tags
if you change somethig
* You could add some git/svn hook that runs the rake task provided by
* You could create a cronjob that say, once a day runs the rake task

To update it more than once a day seems really unnecessary. So I think
a cronjob would do a nice job.