Mac OS X Leopard DBMS

What is the best choice of DBMS for Rails on Mac OS X. This is quite annoying that it was not shipped by default because they have a full rails development stack without mysql or postgresql.

I hope they didnt feel that SQLite was the DBMS of choice. It doesnt even support foreign keys!


SQLite is a great database to start developing a rails application with. ActiveRecord will enforce your foreign key integrity.

Some Rails applications deviate from the basic "data in, data out" pattern, and eventually you can use the more advanced features of a database like MySQL or PostgreSQL, such as MySQL's full text search, or Postgres' indexed calculations. But the more you can rely on ActiveRecord, the easier things are to test and maintain.

Alternatively, you can get MySQL from, and it works great on Leopard, or at least it does for me so far. Do note that even though MySQL has support for foreign key constraints, many people still choose to leave that up to ActiveRecord.

How do I go about using ActiveRecord to enforce foreign key integrity compared to doing that traditionally on the DBMS? Thanks.