LSRC 6 - Early Bird Pricing Ends Sunday!

Is LSRC 6 Sold Out Yet??

No, not yet.

But more importantly, early bird pricing ends Sunday July 15.
<insert car salesman voice>
  Get your ticket this week and SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.
</insert car salesman voice>

The Lone Star Ruby Conference is being held Aug 9-11
in Austin, TX, at Norris Conference Center.

LSRC 6 has a spectacular speaker lineup and six,
full-day, training classes to choose from. We also have
a bonus 'mobile' track on Friday.

Register now to take advantage of the
savings and secure your seat at LSRC 6!

  Uncle Bob Martin

  Intro to Rails
  Intro to Backbone.js
  Ruby Off Rails
  Ruby Derailed: Tricks, Idioms, and Experiments in Application Development
  Ops for Developers
  Adhearsion: Beginning - Advanced

View the full schedule at
Early bird pricing is now in effect and will last
through July 15. Standard pricing will start July 16,
and will be as follows:

  = Standard Pricing
  $275 - Conference Only
  $475 - Conference + Training

I hope to see you in Austin at LSRC 6!