Losing a parameter when i submit a form

Hi Max, I am very new to this, but I think you'd need to
add :original_article_id to the params being submitted by the second
form. The params don't stick around. I know the following works,
although I believe it is a beginner's hack. To set up your add_link
form, run the following action. This creates a new Link object, sets
the correct original article id, and supplies this object to your

def add_link
   @link = Link.new
   @link.original_article_id = params[:original_article_id]

in the second form, use a hidden field to hold this

<%= hidden_field 'link', 'original_article_id' %>

when the form gets submitted, this will be added to the params hash.
When you run the create_link action, it will get set correctly.

def create_link
@link = Link.new(params[:link])
if @link.save ...