Looking for Ruby on Rails Product Developer - Palo Alto, CA

This is an exciting opportunity to join a hot Palo Alto start up with
funding from some of the top names in Venture Capital. The team is
led by a successful Silicon Valley Entrepreneur. The position will be
compensated with a generous salary, stock options and other perks of
working in a growing start up.

They are for a solid Ruby on Rails Product Developer. To be
successful you will be comfortable with everything from CSS to SQL.

Because of the size of the company you will be given a lot of autonomy
and responsibility. You will also be able to work with the team to
come up with ideas for new features and then launch them the same day.

The stack:

• Ruby on Rails 3
• Haml, CSS, jQuery
• Git & GitHub
• RVM, Bundler, Capistrano
• Apache, Passenger, Ubuntu

You have written and deployed a production Ruby on Rails application.

Front-end skills:
• HTML/CSS: Given a design or sketch, you can create the HTML and CSS
required to bring the page to life. Nice to have: Haml, cross-browser
CSS debugging skills, SEO.

• JavaScript/jQuery/"Ajax": You have a working knowledge of using
jQuery to create interactive UIs. Nice to have: Understanding of
closures, event propagation, asynchronous programming, advanced DOM

• RoR: RESTful design, fat models/skinny controllers, migrations.
Nice to have: experience with custom plugins, authlogic, paperclip,
delayed job (or resque.)
• SQL: Joins, indexes and the tradeoffs involved with normalization.
Nice to have: reporting and analytics.
• Ops/Admin: *nix, Apache, capistrano, cron, ssh. Nice to have: system
automation, bash, security best-practices.

APIs: Nice to have: experience with Twitter and Facebook APIs.