Looking for FT RoR programmer in Bay Area

I'm an educational publisher in Emeryville, California, and am looking
for a software engineer to work in emeryville at our sister company,
KCP Technologies, to help build a web application to deliver school
mathematics educational content online. Finding a software engineer
in the East Bay has proven to be a bigger challenge than I thought,
and few people who have responded to our listings on Craigslist and
Hotjobs have RoR experience. I am looking for someone who knows Rails
but who also has a knack for application and interface design. It's a
decent job with a great group of people in a mature business (no
startup craziness). If you know anyone who might be interested in
learning more about this opportunity, please drop me a line at
srasmussen@keypress.com. Here's the URL to our job posting on our
company web site.