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Logo Design in USA http://www.logodezign.com Toll Free: 800-311-4947 Why Choose Our Logo Designer! Truly great brands are far more than just labels for products or service; they are symbols that encapsulate the desires of consumers; they are standards held aloft under which the customers and prospects identify or recall your product or service. The logo of an organization must serve as a component of brand identity and consumers' perceptions, whatever the size of the business.

A logo design becomes the visual personality of a business and plays an important role in forming the first impression - good or bad - depending on the quality and taste of the design of your logo.

Sales Promotion experts and very experienced logo designers say that it is well established that in designing a logo we must come up with a composition that combines understanding a company's products, audience, branding and other intangibles with proper emphasis on the name of the company or the product or service and all that must be blended in minimum possible elements of text and image.

Our Logo designers build a professional logo that is one of the fastest ways to build credibility and attracting to your customers. If you sell quality products, your logo design should reflect this. Likewise, inexperienced logo designer creates a poor quality logo design that generates a perception of lack of quality control. Our Logo Designer must, therefore, take care in avoiding the common logo design blunders. We Work Fast For Your Business Logo Design With Logo Dezign, you don't have to sacrifice quality even if your custom design project is on a tight deadline. Once you send us the information about your company, our designers immediately go to work to create your new company logo. You'll see your first company logo design concepts in one business day! The Monogram: A monogram is usually a design composed of one or more letters, typically the initials of a name, used as an identifying mark. Such monograms (company initials) are very difficult to use effectively. It takes much larger budget and longer period to build credibility with a monogram logo. Similarly, logos consisting of several overlapping words or letters or images generally do not work well. Brevity of each element is a sole of easy to remember and impressive logo. Logo Design Originality: You must ask the logo designer not to use the clipart images that come in software packages and are widely distributed. Anyone who is familiar with the software providing the clipart will very likely recognize that you design is not original and will not form a good impression about your business. Difference between a Banner, Label and a Logo Design: The drawings for Internet Banners and other posters or labels are composed for different objectives. You are doing yourself more harm than good if you use a logo design that looks like a banner or a label particularly if the content is crammed to fit the image. Color Scheme for Logo Design: Likewise, inexperienced logo designer don't know that Logos are generally used not only letterheads and envelopes but are also inserted in labels and advertisement or Internet banners or badges. It is not advisable to use in logo the Special Effects such as glows, drop shadows, and bevels that are great for creating graphics and manipulating photos, but they can be very distracting when applied to a logo. Animation is recommended for Internet banners and badges but not for logos.

Our experience logo designer know that an ideal logo design should be able to stand its ground and look good in black and white, without any effects and also when it is used in colors in banners or advertisements. Why IBM and CNN Logo Design are Unique: It is not advisable to integrate multiple graphic elements directly into the text to create one unified logo. Similarly a text-only logo severely restricts the ability to express your company's uniqueness and memorability. Text only or acronym logos such as IMB, CNN etc. usually require huge out lay for advertising and promotion. Experts say that one test of logo's effectiveness (marketing budget's aside) is to alter the letters and see if your logo design is still recognizable. If not then you need to seriously consider a visual element. If you just can't resist a text-only logo design, consider a strong, unique typeface - preferably custom made.

The Complex Logo Design : Detailed illustrations, photos, and complex layouts make poor and gaudy or unattractive logo design.

A simple, unique logo design with solid shades and minimal lines will have greater impact and would help in remembering your product or service

Benefits with Our Designer! We are located on Grand Prairie, Texas and have direct phone and fax lines and occupy a modest studio premises where our designers come to work and create logos and corporate identities for our clients. Our Logo Designers have been creating logo design and corporate identities for many years. Our logo designers have years of experience in the art of logo designing and graphics. Our customers are happy with our results and the right kind of logo design for their company. Unlike a lot of other online logo companies, you have direct access to our senior logo designer.

Once you sign up, you will be given the direct phone number of your lead designer. This means that you can pick up the phone at any time 7 days a week during the project for quick chat about your project. Having worked on hundreds of logo design projects, each of our designers is not only creative but also understands how branding works. They have studied consumer preference in different trades and industries and know what works and what does not. Our logo designer compose a design taking into consideration the type of service or product and select befitting shape, lines etc. in a logo that will send a message to all who see it besides appealing to the target market effectively. We believe we have an affordable service that provides a high quality return on investment to the customer. You Can Expect Top Quality Logo Design After all, nothing is more important than the overall quality of your logo design. Unlike many design firms offering Cheap logos from Cheap logo designers we employ a logo design process based on teams of designers. Because of the variety of designs you'll get, there is a better chance we'll find that perfect design you're hoping for. We put a team of logo designers on every custom logo design project. After you get your first concepts you'll know you made the right choice. Payment: We accept all major credit cards and your card will be processed on secure servers. Procedure: Once the project questionnaire form is submitted, a lead designer is assigned to this project, usually with in a few business hours. He is the same designer that you might have spoken to. The lead designer will then review your project questionnaire form and will give you a call/email if he/she had any concerns or questions. The lead designer will then select another designer from the team to work with him/her on the project. Concepts For Logo Design: The concepts we come up with for your company logo are based on the questionnaire form you provide us during the order and a research that We do by brainstorming a new ideas based on the that with our experience working with many industries that helps us understand what kind of image, text, fonts or icons need to be created for your benefit to communicate your target market effectively. Ideal Logo Design: Ideal logo design should be able to stand its ground and look good in black and white, without any effects and also when it is used in colors in banners or advertisements. Our logo designer create concepts in black and white to start with because if a logo looks good in black and white then it will be look good in any color. Fine tuning the concept: Once you select a concept to go forward we can then work on fine tuning the concept as per your wishes. This could include font changes, color changes or even layout changes. Each revision round takes around 1 business day depending on the complexity of the change requested. After you are happy with the changes and revisions we finalize the logo design and prepare the final files. File Formats For Logo Design: The logo is given to you in two formats (1) vector source files (EPS and AI) and (2) web files (Gif, Jpg) Vector files (EPS and AI) are the source files of your logo and these are used by your printers, vinyl printers, embroidery company etc for printing your logo. These files also allow you or another graphic designer to make changes to the logo down the line (provided you have vector editing software). Web files include a GIF (with a transparent background) for use on web pages and a JPG for use in other documents including word, excel, fax sheets etc. Black and white version of your logo for use in newspaper ads, yellow page ads, faxes and photocopying are also provided if desired. Money Back Guarantee: If you are not happy with any of the concepts then you can either ask for your money back (We will refund your money immediately - no questions asked) or request a redraw in which case your designer will discuss with you the pros and cons of the initial concepts and try and get a better understanding of what you need from the next round.

Logo Design in USA http://www.logodezign.com Toll Free: 800-311-4947

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