Login with Ajax

I'm trying to create an Login Form, that is retrieved via Ajax and
creates a Session via Ajax.

In my Login Form I typed
<%= form_tag sessions_path, :remote => true do %>

Session Controller
  def new
    respond_to do |format|

And in my session vier directory I created a js.erb
$(".login").update("<%= escape_javascript(render('sessions/new')) %>");

the login class spans the whole content of my login form, but trying to
open the login form only throws me a completely blank page :confused:

Is my jquery function not allright, or am I missing out on something?
I appreciate any kind of help!

The default method for a form_tag is a POST.

But in your controller you are only showing a the #new method (GET). Should it not be #create?

you are right, but I'm not only trying to execute the login post via
ajax, but also retrieve the login form via ajax first. Once I accomplish
this, I can go to the next step.

Right now I want to open the login form in a small popup box, that is
retrieved by ajax :confused:

What is missing in my Source Code?

Thanks for your help!

But unfortunately I can't quite follow you.

1. You mean I should be redirected to my login page, with the
login-content being invisivle?

Actually I want some kind of Login Box, that pops up anywhere, since
several features in my application are filtered by a "require login"

I bothered to find a way redirecting to the current page after a login,
and using ajax I wouldn't have to deal with that. So I need a Solution
that replaces any "redirec to login_form"-method with an event, that
pops up a login-box!

So far my Login (creating the Session) is working fine. My Login Form
looks like this
<%= form_tag sessions_path, :remote => true do %>

I also have put this login form in a partial, that is rendered by
jQuery, whenever I click on "login" which doesn't have a path-helper but
only a class.

So what I'm missing out is, that this only works, when I click on
"login", but once a login is required due to a "require_login" method, I
get redirected to my Loginform Page.

This is my Helper Method

  def require_login
    unless user_signed_in?
      redirect_to login_path,
        alert: "You need to login first"

How do I change that so I don't get routed to some other page, but a
hidden div gets revealed?
render :partial => "sessions/login" only renders a compoletely white
page with no styles.

This is my jQuery function

$(document).ready ->
  $(".button_login").click ->

It only responds to this very login button, but not the redirecting

I hope you can follow me and help me out...thanks in advance!!