Logging Plugin


Does anyone know how to understand the logs printed in development.rb
I can understand certain parts of it but not all.

Is there any documentation on it? Or any pretty printing plugin
available which tells exactly whats going on?... i mean how can i tell
if certain objects are fetched from the cache or DB?


Why a plugin for simply reading a log file?

This is the log excerpt for a project 'show' with a full cache hit

Processing ProjectsController#show (for at 2009-06-29
15:41:03) [GET]
  Parameters: {"ft"=>"project", "id"=>"1"}
Rendering template within layouts/with_tinymce
Rendering projects/show
Cached fragment hit: views/project.1.show (15.0ms)
User Columns (0.0ms) SHOW FIELDS FROM `users`
User Load (0.0ms) SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE (`users`.`id` = 2)
Cached fragment hit: views/project.1.related (0.0ms)
Role Columns (0.0ms) SHOW FIELDS FROM `roles`
blah blah blah...
Completed in 235ms (View: 219, DB: 0) | 200 OK

Obviously, I'm getting fragment cache hits, and no DB work (huzzah!) in
the above case, but not below:

Processing ProjectsController#show (for at 2009-06-29
15:39:32) [GET]
  Parameters: {"ft"=>"project", "id"=>"1"}
Cache exist?: views/project.1.show
Project Columns (0.0ms) SHOW FIELDS FROM `projects`
Project Load (0.0ms) SELECT * FROM `projects` WHERE (`projects`.`id` =
Cache exist?: views/project.1.related.scenario
Scenario Columns (0.0ms) SHOW FIELDS FROM `scenarios`
SQL (0.0ms) SELECT count(*) AS count_all FROM `scenarios` WHERE
(`scenarios`.project_id = 1)
Scenario Load (0.0ms) SELECT * FROM `scenarios` WHERE
(`scenarios`.project_id = 1) ORDER BY name
Cache exist?: views/project.1.related.image
Imagelink Columns (47.0ms) SHOW FIELDS FROM `imagelinks`
Image Columns (62.0ms) SHOW FIELDS FROM `images`
SQL (328.0ms) SELECT count(*) AS count_all FROM `images` INNER JOIN
`imagelinks` ON `images`.id = `imagelinks`.image_id WHERE blah blah

... snipped for brevity - there are 10 different models related to a
project in some fashion, with links to each instance on the project
'show' form, each set of links to other models is a separate cached
fragment... with telling DB results below

Completed in 3468ms (View: 250, DB: 1763) | 200 OK