Log ActiveRecord queries to DB table in Rails 2.3

Hi folks, I've a Rails 2.3.2 app where I want to save some AR queries
of certain section of the app to the a DB table, so I've implemented
this with a custom Middleware and I've made some customizations to
some AR methods: http://gist.github.com/1198039

The problem is I'm getting 'stack level too deep' error and I can't
find the path to that infinite recursion. Is there a better way to
make this task?

Note: I know Rails 3 has a Notification Api, but I can't migrate all
the app to Rails 3 at the time.


You'll probably find that your "INSERT INTO syspanel_sql_logs...."
query is attempting to be logged... so it's recursing into the
log_with_syspanel_logger method.
How about before you execute that query you turn off your extended
logging, then turn it on again after?