Loading multiple csv files and adding fields on to an existing table by finding the id

There are many, many files. These files are all in text files and I
have been successfully using 'FasterCSV' but there are so many files.
What would be the way to

1. Schools Table exists
     id 1
     sch_id 0998711
     name Cudahy H.S.
     address 1411 S. 21st
     city Cudahy
     state WI
     zip 53110

In a separate file: school id, email address, latitude coord.,
longitude coord., total num enrollment, total num teachers

How would I go about adding the other values to the pre-existing
table? Could I do this through ROR? If yes, how would I code that to
work with FasterCSV?

2. The second question is about the grades and years. If there are
files like

Sch_id Grade Year Math-Adv Math-Prof. Math-Basic Math-
Sample file 1: 0998711 grade 3 2007 40
8 24 6 2 5 9 4
Sample file 2: 0998711 grade 6 2004 55
12 28 8 7 10 3 3
Sample file 3: 0000022 grade 7 2002

Would it be best to create a Grade_Year table for each one, (ie
GR03_2007, GR06_2004) or to have a GR03, GR04 and then put the year as
a field in the table? Or should I create a table with all the results
for that school

Table: 0998711_Scores
               2007 field Year
               Gr03 , field Grade,

Would I be better off just loading this data into MySQL and not
through migrations?

3. If I could concatonate the table name with the key to the school
(see above 0998711_Scores) would this be a bad idea? Or to really
concatonate it even more like (0998711_Gr03_2007).

Does anyone have any great ideas on how I should go about doing this?