Loading a library before ActiveSupport

Is there any means for having an external library loaded before
ActiveSupport is loaded when starting up a Rails app?

What does you mean?

You can create class in lib folder. For example: my_class.rb -> class
MyClass ; end

Rails will load your library.

You have to load those manually. So that doesn't help.

We can put scripts in config/initializers, however these are loaded
into the system AFTER ActiveSupport has been loaded. I need a way to
load a library BEFORE ActiveSupport.

The reason is to load other libraries that may also have core
extensions, but to let ActiveSupport's take precedence in case of

Hey, I think I figured it out. Snooping around config/boot.rb I
discovered a (little known?) feature. You can create a config/
preinitializer.rb file and that will be loaded first off. Nice.