I am using livevalidation for validating a form in the client side. I only got one problem, in my form i need to validate check-in and check-out dates, so for example the the check-out date must be greater than the check-in date ect. does livevalidation provide something for this kind of validation?

There is one function called "Custom" acording to the livevalidation site i can use this function to create my owm custom validation functions, but when i used the example that is in the site it does not work for me, does not show any error message, this is the code:

// Pass a function that checks if a number is divisible by one that you pass it in args object // In this case, 5 is passed, so should return true and validation will pass Validate.Custom( 55, { against: function(value,args){ return !(value % args.divisibleBy) }, args: {divisibleBy: 5} } );

I put instead 55 for example 57 and so on with other test, any of them popups any error message. Do you have any idea of how can i solve my date validation problem?