Linking to an external model/view within an application

Hey guys,

I am working on a class project and I have two scaffolded models,
articles and sub_articles. I have the relationships set to articles
having many sub_articles and sub_articles belonging to articles, which
is also stated in the routes file.

I am trying to display a link to each sub article when viewing a
specific article, as it stands now I can display the link with the sub
article title but it links back to the same article.

here are some code samples:

this is my sub article partial that shows the links,

<li><%= link_to (sub_article.title), h( %></li>

how do i add the prefix sub_articles/ to the id link?

also when I go to a url like /sub_articles/1 I get an unknown action
error, but I have a show.html.erb file

your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you all.

link_to(sub_article.title, sub_article)

Rails knows the rest.