link_to to pass an entire row of a table rather than by id


     How can i use link_to in form to pass an already fetched row of a table to an action.I can pass it by :id...But in action i have to again use the find method to get the rows again

in show.rhtml I have

<%= link_to 'Edit Resolution', :controller => 'service_desk',:action => 'define_sd_resolution_ui', :id => @sd_ticket %>

Here @sd_ticket contains title ,owner etc..Which i can print in the show.rhtml like

@sd_ticket.title @sd_ticket.owner

How can I pass the entire @sd_ticket to action define_sd_resolution_ui ?(rather by using :id)..If I use the above link to then again i have to get data using find again Pls help Sijo

you could include all the attributes in your route, you could put it in the session,

At the end of the day your best option is to call 'find' again like you are now.