link_to action going wrong.

Code is from the view. If a user clicks the 'Over' link, i want to update the :groep attribute of the zwemmer to 'blatest4'. But now, all the zwemmers :groep are changed when the page loads. How can i fix this? code:

The following line updates all Zwemmer whose id = []( to blatest4
<td><%= link_to 'Over' , Zwemmer.update([](, :groep => "blatest4")%></td>
change the link to point to the update action and pass the zwemmer id, much like along the lines of
<%= link_to 'Over', zwemmer_path(zwemmer, :zwemmer => {:groep => "blatest4"}), :method => :put %> ``` ```

Works perfectly, thank you very much.