libopenssl-ruby NEEDED ON MAC OS X?

Hello all! You've been most helpful in the past so I am here again
with another question...

I am trying to use s3sync to backup data from a Rails app to S3. The
app is about to be deployed on Fedora machine. Meanwhile, I am
developing on Mac OS X Leopard running Rails.

I am trying to follow this recipe on how to use s3sync.
titled "How I automated my backups to Amazon S3 using s3sync."

I'd like to get this running and tested on my machine first before
deploying to the Fedora machine.

The person in the article is running Debian/Ubuntu type system and the
first step says...

If you're using the ruby that ships with leopard then it's all ready
to go.


But you might have to require it (the plugin already should). In any case, here's how to test:

$ ruby -e OpenSSL
-e:1: uninitialized constant OpenSSL (NameError)
$ ruby -ropenssl -e OpenSSL

If you get an error the second time, your ruby installation lacks OpenSSL support. (The '-ropenssl' is like putting a "require 'openssl'" at the top of the script.)


Rob Biedenharn