libjpeg collision when using RMagick (ImageMagick) and ImageScience (FreeImage)?

I have a Rails app that uses BackgroundRB to process images. I've been
using a class that uses RMagick for quite some time without any issues
at all. I recently added a new class that processes images using
image_science instead of RMagick. After adding this new class and the
image_science gem RMagick throws the following error:

JPEG parameter struct mismatch: library thinks size is 428, caller
expects 464 `' - (Magick::ImageMagickError)

on this method: magick_image = Magick::Image.from_blob(image_blob)

When I uninstall image_science the class that uses RMagick ceases to
throw the above error.

Here are my thoughts: image_science uses FreeImage, which ships with
its own version of libjpeg. When Rails boots up it loads the
image_science gem first, which loads FreeImage, which loads its own
libjpeg. When RMagick gets loaded, is it possible that RMagick/
ImageMagick will not use the libjpeg that is in /usr/lib and instead
use the one that was loaded by image_science/FreeImage?

This is of FC4 (i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux) with Ruby 1.8.4 and the
most recent versions of ImageMagick and RMagick.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!