Less than two weeks left to get the AAC discount

Hey everyone,

There is less than two weeks remaining to get a great discount on a
hotel room for acts_as_conference, the two day Rails conference being
held by in Orlando, Florida February 8th and 9th. For the paltry sum
of $100, you can see keynoters Obie Fernandez, the author of The Rails
Way, and Dan Benjamin, CTO of Helium Report, and a great lineup of
speakers including Peter Armstrong, Anthony Eden, Neal Ford, Luke
Francl, Bryan Liles, Dave Naffis, Charles Nutter, Josh Owens, and
Charles Brian Quinn. The charity session (a small donation of $50 to
an charity of your choice) includes Evan Phoenix and Ezra

A big thanks to all of our sponsors who are helping to make this
conference happen, especially our Platinum sponsors Sun Microsystems
and Engine Yard.

Get all the conference information at http://www.actsasconference.com
Register for the conference at http://actsasconference.eventbrite.com/
Register for the charity session at http://www.changingthepresent.org/registries/show/1162

Platinum Sponsors

Sun Microsystems - http://www.actsasconference.com/sponsors/sunmicrosystems
Engine Yard - http://www.actsasconference.com/sponsors/engineyard