Learning RoR in 26 days: Can it be done?

I've recently started a challenge to learn Ruby on Rails in 26 days. I'm
on day five, and I've been getting a lot of support. So I decided to
reach out to find a Rails community that would be interested in giving
me some feedback on my progress, and this forum seems like a pretty good
place to start.

I appreciate any criticism you guys have. Thanks for having me.

The challenge consists of a video log and different blog posts.

Right now I'm completing Hartl's tutorial, but I'm beginning to pick the
pace up a bit.

You can check out my progress here (day five):


Thanks for any criticism, and if anyone is interested, I'll keep you

Whether it the project can be done in 26 days depends on the starting
point. Someone with good software experience and a knowledge of
database and web technologies will have no problems. Someone who has
no previous software or web experience would find it impossible I


Colin Law wrote in post #1084382:

When I was starting to learn RoR I took an online Berkeley course on the subject. I recommend their textbook “Engineering long-lasting software: An agile approach using SaaS and Cloud Computing”, it’s available on Kindle (and probably on other systems).

The thing is, they also had lectures, but you don’t need lectures if you have the textbook. You’ll have to live w/o assignments though, which were somewhat useful, unless they’re running the class again now.