Learning Rails

I picked up a Rails book on a whim over my Christmas vacation, and started playing around. I’ve been a web developer for closing in on ten years now, and while I’ve used a few different platforms and languages, I’ve always been curious about Ruby on Rails- especially after I .NET developer I used to work with raved about it.

I’m also going through and putting some of my major impressions in a blog- coldrails.blogspot.com

I’ve only had the book- Agile Web Development With Rails- for a few days, and I just put the blog up this evening, so things are a little rough yet. I’m liking Rails so far- I’m just taking it a little slow, partially so I can compare what I’m reading with the way I’ve seen things done in other languages/frameworks, and partially because I ran out of vacation time, so it’s back to the Job-and-Family routine.

But I’d appreciate anyone dropping in and taking a look.

Matt Osbun