Lead Backend Engineer (Ruby on Rails) at Prefer (a mission-driven, 8-person company) NYC/SF


I lead engineering at Prefer, and we’re looking to hire an experienced Ruby on Rails engineer to own our backend stack. Please feel free to reach out if you’d be interested in hearing more!



We are currently recruiting an experienced software engineer to join our small engineering team as the lead backend contributor. Ideal candidates are fearless problem solvers excited to contribute to a small company in a wide variety of ways.

While your primary focus will be server-side development, this is a product engineering role. As an incredibly small engineering team, we work together to come up with solutions to push the Prefer product and network forward. Your backend expertise will allow us to pick the right technology to accomplish each distinct product and company goal, and execute accordingly as a team.


  • Primary development of the backend (Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis) that powers our iOS and web apps (both of which consume the same API)
  • Provisioning and managing every part of our cloud infrastructure
  • Partnering with the rest of the engineering team to evolve our overall technical architecture
  • Working closely with our operations team, supporting them through scripts, data, and internal tooling
  • Collaborating with our CEO and Head of Design to make impactful product decisions


  • Extensive server-side experience, preferably in Ruby on Rails (or a similar framework: Django, Express, etc.)
  • A deep understanding of HTTP and RESTful API design
  • Experience with SQL and data modeling
  • Enthusiasm around taking part in the product development process
    If interested, you’d also be more than welcome to contribute to our frontend web (React) and/or native iOS (Swift) codebases.

Location is either New York or San Francisco.

What is Prefer?

Prefer is building a platform to power a better future of work. We aim to empower anyone with skills and motivation to succeed as an independent professional.

We are an early-stage technology company, founded by experienced entrepreneurs and funded by top-tier venture investors including Benchmark, Garrett Camp, and Scott Belsky, and technologists such as Mike Krieger (Instagram), Hugo Barra (VR at Facebook, Ex-Head of Android), Jennifer Hyman (CEO Rent the Runway), Sam Lessin (Ex-VP Product at Facebook), Kayvon Beykpoor (CEO Periscope), Adam D’Angelo (CEO Quora), and David Karp (founder Tumblr).

What are we building?

To support independent employment of all kinds, the core of what we’re building is a network of professionals and a graph of their working relationships (complete with rich metadata and semantic meaning: who knows who, who has worked with who in the past, who has referred new business to who, ad nauseam). Making sense of the various ways in which these professionals build reputation through contributions towards this growing subset of the economy, and using our graph to facilitate new interactions, is how we plan to make working for yourself more and more tenable over time.

We believe that there will be immense opportunity to build new applications on top of the Prefer network, and we want you to help us build it.

In exploring this opportunity for over a year, we’ve been able to get very close to our users and deeply understand the problem space. However, we’re still in the early stages of defining and growing this product. We’re not looking for someone to execute a set roadmap; we want you to play a big part in continuing to figure this out with us – our technology, our product, and our company – as we go along.

Hi Bryan,

Could this be a remote position?


Hi Josue!

Unfortunately not.