Lazy loading of scriptaculous

Hi *, both scriptaculous and prototype are quite big, and I don’t use all the goodness inside there, including :defaults is a bit too much for me.
Someone knows of a way to dynamically load what’s effectively used inside a side ?

It would be a great feature …


Do you mean load dynamically on the client side?

If so, can't say i've heard any tricks to achieving this, what you
could do is compress the files, this will help reduce the size. Also
I was under the impression that by default most browsers cache
javascript so I guess you could see it as just the one download. But i
could be wrong. Hope this helps

Also if you choose a different javascript library consider moo tools
which allows you to choose only options you want.

I came across this a while ago, I was already loading javascript details and then
added mapping code as well. I was using Virtual Earth maps as Google Maps are crap for

In order to only have one layout file but still only load the mapping code on the pages where

I need it, I added an <%= @mapcode -%> to the layout.

Then in my controller I can only set the @mapcode when I want it set.

@mapcode = get_mapcode


def get_mapcode

code = " <script src="


Not quite what you are looking for but it does the trick for me.